I am often asked if Bearable Moments is autobiographical. It is not. Many inspirations came together to create and ultimately publish this story.

  • The death of my father Captain Leslie C. Judd when I was five years old. My father passed away while serving in the United States Army.
  • The story began as a bedtime story for my wife when she was having trouble falling asleep.
  • I struggled to write the story down for eight years. Sharing the story with my friend Jim Flanagan, an award-winning children's author, led to the idea of a picture book. The story flowed after that.
  • My friend Jim Jeffries toting his stuffed rabbit with him everywhere he goes, even into his thirties. I especially enjoyed it when his rabbit was run up the flag pole at Boy Scout camp when he was in his late teens.
  • Reading stories to my one year old son, Blake.
  • A bumper sticker that read "If you want to support our troops enlist!!!" encouraged me to donate the proceeds to military family organization.
  • Publishing of my first computer book.
A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit the (NMFA.) NMFA helps prepare spouses and children of American troops, including those who have been deployed, wounded or fallen in action, to deal with the challenges unique to military life. NMFA provides such initiatives as free camps and after-school programs that provide coping skills for children of deployed service members, spouse scholarships, and funds to help support various military community programs.
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